The future seen from Google Pixel 3

My name is Momoko Kuratani and I love smartphones. This time, I will talk about the future design of smartphones and IoT devices. It is often said that the symbol of the transition period is skew morphism , but it is only a design that makes humans recognize new things. I felt that Google was trying to deliver technology to users in a new way.

Past implementation strategies

The introduction procedure to the market that the company has done for the new one is roughly divided as follows. " Recognize -> Introduce -> Infiltrate -> Growth " If it fails to penetrate, most things will end there. One of the most common reasons for failure at startup is “it was too early”, which is another example of penetration failure. Now, humankind has not evolved, only the means have evolved. In order to penetrate in that state, it is important to speak to by little while snuggling up.

Google implementation strategy

Google Pixel feels that it ’s trying to deliver technology to its users through a new process of "Recognize -> Introduce -> Growth". Why is penetration not necessary? That is, Google Pixel has been in close contact with people from the beginning.

Why Pixel does not need penetration

What should be noted here is roundness , color and material. The squares of smartphones are often round, but the sides are often straight. However, Pixel has rounded sides. It is to fit the hand and realize the "Tight" operation feeling. The power button and volume button are also rounded. The camera, fingerprint authentication and AndroidOS 9 pie base are also round. You will feel roundness and kindness and you will want to keep touching it.

Look at colors

Not Pink is a very nudity color. Many skin-colored items are in close contact with the skin. Underwear, cosmetics, pencils, and mufflers have a lot of skin color. By using this color, you can make your smartphone part of your life and part of yourself. In addition, all the smartphones that have been made so far are designed to be blended into interiors and clothing accessories, so they are somewhere inorganic, stylish, and beautifully designed as decorations. However, Pixel has a design that blends with itself, not external elements.

The material

Glossy material is used in the vicinity of the back where the camera is installed, but the parts that are touched by the hand are made of matte material. I think that the matte feel is closer to humans than luster, making it easier to fit in the hand. The sides are glossy, but this acts as a non-slip.

That means...

If the design is full of tenderness from the beginning, penetration is not necessary. If it is designed to be a part of you from the beginning, penetration is not necessary. If the design is easy to touch from the beginning, penetration is not necessary.

Future strategy

I think it will be an increasingly difficult era and the world will be confused. I think that the procedure of penetration will become unnecessary from now on. Instead, I think that there will be more things that will gradually melt into life and become essential. Smart speakers, VR, AR, AI ... This is not a bad strategy. However, it is a strategy that humankind cannot evolve. I am looking forward to seeing how humanity moves to this fact. Thank you for watching to the end.