Why I created a Purelist

Modern people like excessive decoration

The images you post on SNS are beautifully processed in Photoshop and unnaturally rich. The blog has an image attached that doesn't seem to have anything to do with the content of the post. In the worst cases, there are people who are receiving attention because of the false news or flaming. I think it's natural to think you should stand out in this age of information overload. But I want to believe that people are nice without doing that, and I want to make the world a place where people don't have to believe that.

Purelist is the solution I have come up with for that

People are beautiful. You don't need extra decoration. I think that the beauty of a person stands out only when the talent and effort of a person is expressed as pure as possible. So, Purelist doesn't have images, and it doesn't use colors, except to remind you. All you can do is write a list and share it. The idea of a list was inspired by an ancient human being, and it's a great open source project that many people have used without paying a license fee. But the lists are mostly private, like Todo and Shopping lists, and share-based services don't seem to be very mainstream, and I thought there might be a way to unlock the potential of lists, so I created Purelist.

At the end

To be honest, Purelist isn't even 10% of what it's aiming for. The design is clunky, buggy, and featureless. There are no users at all, and it's not the time to talk about the community. So, if anyone agrees with the idea of simplifying the world with a list, please help. Of course I want feedback, but it would be great if you could write a lot of lists and tell people, "List is good!".

Thank you.