Let's check your baggage in Japan

I think many people are thinking about sightseeing in Japan because the Tokyo Olympics is coming soon. The roads in Japan are narrow and the trains are crowded, so it is impossible to travel with big luggage. Please check in advance where you can leave your baggage easily.

1.Coin locker

There are many coin lockers near the station. There are few lockers to put big trunks in, so let's be careful. Also, there are lockers that you can pay by "Suica" or "PASMO" and others that you can't, so you should prepare 100 yen coins.

2.Deposit at the terminal station

There are baggage check-in counters at terminal stations such as Shinjuku Station and Tokyo Station. You can make a reservation in advance, so let's think about it. (* Site currently only available in Japanese)

3.ecbo cloak

This is a sharing service that connects "a shop that has space for storing luggage" and "someone who wants to check a baggage". You can leave your child at various stores, so why don't you try to search it?


It's a CtoC service that connects people who have trouble finding a place to store their luggage with people who want to use the extra space. It's a monthly contract, but there are many hosts that offer it at a low price. It also covers insurance for packages, so you don't have to worry in case of emergency. (* Site currently only available in Japanese)


It's a site where you can look for a place to keep your baggage and make a reservation. It is convenient when you have a plan because you need to make a reservation in advance.

6.SAGAWA Express "Sightseeing Without Baggage"

Luggage deposit service at airports in Japan and tourist attractions in Tokyo. There are some stores that deliver them to the hotel on the day, so you can use your time meaningfully if you leave them there.


A service where you can leave your luggage from the airport to the hotel or from the hotel to the airport and have it delivered. It is operated by an airline company, so the English service is good. It's a little more expensive than other services, but it's very convenient because you can do sightseeing empty-handed from the moment you arrive in Japan.

8.Temporary Luggage Storage Service

A service that allows you to leave your luggage at post offices in Tokyo, Kanagawa and Kyoto. It's limited to some stores and you need to make a reservation, so it's convenient to use it when you have a plan. You need to be careful because the closing time is early.