Nice editor for both personal and professional use

Have you ever wondered which editor to use? This list introduces famous editors.


While many services lose simplicity and ease of use due to feature richness, Notion is simple and functional. You can edit and manage notes, tasks, databases, and everything else. There are plenty of templates, so please check out the homepage.

Apple Notes app

It's included by default, so some people don't think it's that easy to use, but it's not. It's a shame to use other editor apps without this. You will be fascinated by the UI and the motion that makes you want to say Apple. You can not only write letters but also insert pictures and draw pictures.

Dropbox Paper

At first, you may be confused because it is too white, but you will gradually get used to it. In the end, Dropbox Paper's white canvas will whip up your imagination and fill it up. It's Dropbox, so it's easy to share.


It has a lot of features and may be a bit confusing, but it's a historic service and UI and UX are well designed. So, it doesn't take time to get used to the many functions. Once you get used to it, you'll be able to write very smoothly, which will help you create diaries and minutes.


The subtle colors and fonts soothe your mind and focus on writing. It is possible to write in markdown, so you can achieve the same operability with a smartphone or a computer.It supports multi-device syncing, so you can use it everywhere.