"Anime otaku shop" in Akihabara

The shop in Akihabara is small, so let's enjoy it with as little luggage as possible!

1.Animate Akihabara Main Building

There are many items from comics, manga, doujinshi, and light novels to character goods and figures, trading cards, anime goods such as candy toys, and anime lots, games, CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays. There are a lot of the latest items, so you can easily get the anime goods that aired at that time.

2.Surugaya Akihabara Anime Hobby Museum

We have a new trading card, trading card supply, squeeze, character goods, figures, trading figures, food toys, toys and stuffed animals. There are a lot of used items, and rare items may be available. Credit card and smartphone payments are possible.

3.Mandarake Complex

Traditional games, toys and figures are lined up. There is so many items that you can't see them because the whole building is "Mandarake".

4.Akihabara Gamers Main Store

Located in front of the station, it is perfect for taking pictures. There is an event floor, and voice actors sometimes hold events.

5.K-BOOKS Akihabara Main Building

A wide range of anime goods for men.Books, coterie magazines, figures, etc. are kept in place, regardless of new or used. Because it is in the famous "Radio Kaikan", it is recommended to go to the "Radio Kaikan" to see it.

6.KOTOBUKIYA Akihabara

There are a lot of figures. Shooting is possible, so you can enjoy it even just as a memory. The shop is very clean and easy to spend. There are tools for assembling plastic models, so you can buy them and enjoy them at the hotel.