Daily Planner

The most intuitive and easy to use list app for you.
All your Tasks, Notes, and Reminders can be done with this app alone.
Simple and minimum interface, no need to learn how to use it.
Download the app and experience the comfort of using it.

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What's important when organizing your tasks?
Sorting, prioritizing, completing, all in this simple screen.

Todo list Todo list Todo list


Available when you purchase the Pro plan for $0.99/month.
Reminders will help you make your schedule and make sure you don't forget a thing.

Reminders Reminders Reminders Reminders

Date Presets

Expedite task entry with three date presets for tonight, tomorrow, or this nextweek.

Custom Repeat

Repeat reminders on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annually schedule.


Sends system notifications at set times.


Special widget for Reminder is available.


Write freely from a blank screen.
With the block type notes, you can edit them freely and easily even after writing.

Notes Notes Notes

More Features

iCloud Sync

Effortless, secure, and private multi-device sync via iCloud.


Export the list in plain text and markdown format.


Widgets of various sizes can be placed on the home screen.

Dark Mode

The dark mode with sophisticated colors will not disturb your work.

Safe Privacy

It doesn't get any user-identifiable data and works perfectly offline.

Multi Device

Available for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

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