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Write Comfortable

Can only write a list,
but that’s enough writing app.

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Suppresses basic functions




Find them all at once, no matter where they are listed.

Multi device

Currently available for iPhone and iPad.

iCloud sync

Effortless, secure, and private multi-device sync via iCloud

Bluetooth keyboard

Works perfectly with a bluetooth keyboard

Safe Privacy

It doesn’t get any user-identifiable data and works perfectly offline.

Privacy Policy

Why Purelist?

Can only write a list, but that’s enough writing app.
It can be easily used in various situations such as busy times, studying, and small notes.

Writing in a list format organizes your thoughts and makes it easier to look back at the text.

If you’ve only ever used lists for todo or shopping, or if you’ve only ever written long sentences, this is the application for you.
And, of course, to those who were note taking.

Who uses Purelist?

People use Purelist for shopping, daily routines, study tasks, work notes and more.
Purelist is a simple list app that solves any problem.

for Study

You have a mission to take notes of the content of the lecture.
You can summarize the main points, make a simple list, and review smoothly even when studying for the test.

for Business

You are a busy person who juggles a huge number of tasks at home, at work, and on the go. You don't need any extra decoration to handle your enormous tasks. All you need to do is write it, move it, and check it.

for Life

Write down what you need to do today by time.
It doesn't have to be perfect progress, this can be used as one indicator to clear your life.

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