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New update v1.8

Purelist is being developed and improved based on your feedback.
If you have any concerns, please contact us anytime!

New update v1.7.1

Just a few simple fixes this time.
Nice to meet you!

New update v1.7

With this update, it's easier to organize your items!

New update v1.6.1

Important Notice

We have found that archives may not sync properly between different versions.
If the archives are different on multiple devices, you can restore the sync by bringing the app up to date on all devices and then re-archiving.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Contact :

New update v1.6

Hello, everybody!
This update looks almost the same, but we have added some major features.
With archiving, you can now save your important data for a long time.

New update v1.5

Thank you so much for using Purelist!
This update includes bug fixes and improvements.

New update v1.4

We are happy to finally release iCloud sync.
Sorry for the delay, we said we would release it early.
Development was difficult due to technical decisions to balance performance and privacy protection.
Many times I wondered if I should re-select an easier technology, but in the end I decided to keep the choice for performance and privacy protection.
Thank you for using Purelist in the absence of updates.
We hope that you will find Purelist comfortable to use.

Update Privacy policy

With the implementation of icloud sync, some privacy policies have changed.

Click here for Privacy policy

New update v1.3

New update v1.2

Bluetooth keyboard shortcuts

Tab: Increase indent
Shift + Tab: Decrease indent
Return: New line
Escape: Done

New update v1.1