v24.2.0 Released

Hi there!
This is an overall small usability improvement.
We also increased the number of color themes, so we hope you will find something you like.
We are currently focusing on Mac development and making improvements so that iPhone, iPad and Mac can be used more seamlessly. Thank you for your continued support as we continue to make Purelist even better!
Have a great day!

v24.1.1 Released

Hi there!
We've added an alert when you delete an item so you don't accidentally delete it. Also, you can now choose between bullets and dashes in the list appearance.
Have a great day!

v24.1.0 Released

Hi there!
We have added a widget that allows you to create a new list from the Lock Screen. We will continue to develop features to make list creation even more convenient!
If you are already using Purelist, the Lock Screen widget may not appear as an option due to an Apple bug.
If this is the case, please restart your device once before using the new widget.
Have a great day!

v23.12.2 Released

Hi, there!
We've added color themes, so feel free to choose a color that suits you. We plan to add more colors in the future.
Wishing you a wonderful New Year!

v23.12.1 Released

Hi, there!
Extended Repeat. We hope this will help you manage your schedule.
Earlier we wrote that we support iOS 16.4 or later, but this was not reflected due to a misconfiguration. Sorry to those who had crashes because of this, we have fixed it to support iOS 16 or later.
See you later!

v23.12.0 Released

Hi, there!
We're excited to announce that Purelist has evolved further in creating and managing lists.
Groups make managing your lists easier. You can separate work, study, and personal items, or create subgroups for detailed categorization by project or period. With access to all groups from "All" and group-specific search, you'll never lose track of your lists.
Additionally, for iPhone users, the Waterfall Layout allows you to display more lists on your screen. With the new sorting feature by creation date, finding the list you need has become easier.
Nesting items enhances your ability to manage sections and make long lists more readable. Even when items are completed, their structure is maintained, making relationships between items clearer than before. The keyboard accessory has been simplified, and list item actions are now more beautiful and responsive, ensuring they don't interrupt your flow. Descriptions are useful for adding brief supplementary information or URLs.
A year has nearly passed while we implemented new features and made fine adjustments. Development of the Mac version is ongoing, but it may take some more time. We hope you will be pleased with this release.
We are fully committed to building the app and have limited resources for promotional activities. If you like Purelist, we would appreciate it if you could recommend it to others.
If you encounter any problems or have requests, please let us know. We aspire to fulfill them, but our development capacity may not allow immediate implementation. Please understand that we are not ignoring your needs. We welcome any suggestions for improvement.
Have a great day!

v23.6.0 Released

Hi, there!
We have not been able to release Purelist for a long time, but we are currently redesigning it and developing new features for the future. This time the problem was critical enough that we fixed it. We hope you can wait a little longer for the new features to be released.
See you later!

v23.1.0 Released

Happy New Year to you and your family.
We have found that certain conditions in the export do not output files. If you were using it for backup, we apologize for the inconvenience, but please export again just to be sure.
Also, the appearance of the list can now be customized. You can customize it in Settings for Mac or List menu for iPhone and iPad. We plan to expand this in the future, for example by allowing you to change the font.
From now on, only iOS 16 and macOS 13 are eligible for updates.
This year, we want to accelerate development to meet your needs. We will also implement ideas that we have been warming up, we hope you can look forward to them.
Thank you.

v22.12.2 Released

We've added schedule widgets, and with iOS 16, you can use them on the lock screen as well. We also fixed a crash issue that was occurring frequently when syncing. If you are using multiple devices, stability has been improved considerably. And, please note that from the next update, only iOS 16 will be available.
This will be the final update before the end of the year. Thanks to all of you, Purelist has been able to grow. We apologize for the delay in responding to your requests. We are slowly but surely increasing the speed of development by enhancing resources and redesigning.
Purelist is developed in a small studio of only two people. We value product development with attention to detail. We believe that a truly user-friendly tool is one that is stable, fast, and has a simple interface. To achieve this, we must take great care not to introduce features that will get in the way in the future. Sometimes at the expense of development speed.
We have removed even finished features if we implemented and tested them and determined that the interface could not be kept simple or was not intuitive. We have also made various technical arrangements for a single function in order to achieve comfortable gestures.
We understand that these efforts have made even slow development seem even slower and lazier. However, we believe that the sooner we make an effort to minimize future liabilities, the better. Because once a big stone is put in a bottle, it is not easy to remove it later.
Thanks for supporting developers like the turtle.
We wish you a happy end of the year and the coming year!

v22.12.1 Released

We apologize for the crash issue that occurred when deleting a reminder in the scheduled. We have fixed the issue, so please don't worry.
We have added the feature to set all-day for reminders and have set the default value for the preset to all-day. You can also turn on/off the notification and change the notification time from the settings.
Have a great day!

v22.11.0 Released

The overall design has been modified to make text easier to read and display more information on the screen. The list is manually adjusted to display beautifully when the text size is between 80% and 190%.
However, since the text is affected by OS region and language settings, we would appreciate it if you could let us know via email or SNS if you find the text difficult to read in your environment.
Thank you.

v22.8.0 Released

We made a difficult decision in our last release and were prepared for some criticism. Of course, there are some harsh opinions, but we are very grateful to realize that not a few people are supporting us. Each rate, review, and email helps us.
Now, we have implemented a repeating feature for reminders. It is still simple daily, weekly, monthly, annually, but will be improved to support more flexible settings soon.
We have also fixed a few bugs. We recognize that improving stability is an important issue. This issue is due to our overall redesign with macOS support. We will continue to improve stability.

v22.7.1 Released

We now support macOS, it is displayed in 3 columns and reminders can be shown in separate window. And we've added a sidebar on the iPad and simplified the structure on the iPhone, so you can now create lists with the same ease of use on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.
We appreciate all the people who use Purelist. Your presence has encouraged us to overcome the difficult development.
However, it took more than 3 months to develop the macOS app and we were unable to update Purelist. The lack of development resources is obvious.
We have come this far in our desire to create a traditional yet modern list app to increase personal productivity and creativity, but the development speed is not enough. We have decided that we need to improve our revenue and enhance our development resources.
It is a painful decision, but we will limit iCloud Sync. To sync multiple devices, you will need to subscribe or purchase lifetime. For single use, each device will continue to be free.
Thank you for your understanding.

v22.4.0 Released

We have started offering student discounts to cheer new challenges. No certificate is required, and you can change prices with one tap. Regardless of age, people who learn new things are wonderful.
And, to support your new life, we are offering a 20% discount on Lifetime Plan for a limited time. The period is 2 weeks and ends on April 17.
Wishing you good things in your life!

v1.14 Released

Lifetime Plan is now available for purchase. Many of you may be surprised about the price, so let me explain.
We believe that those who purchase Lifetime Plan will be able to use Purelist for a long time. Naturally, those who purchase Lifetime Plan will use not only the current features, but also the various features that we plan to develop in the future. Considering this, the pricing is higher than subscription, which is pricing for current features. We hope you understand.
Thank you.

v1.13.2 Released

v1.13.1 Released

We added a new feature that you can drag in groups. We hope this will help you get organized!

v1.13 Released

We are sorry if any of you are surprised by the sudden release of the Pro version.
We started developing this app because we wanted to create a place where even busy people could easily organize their thoughts. We couldn't find an app that we could easily use when we were busy. We thought that a list app that could write notes and organize tasks could solve this problem. We would be happy if we could help people who have the same challenges as us.
We will continue to provide the basic features for organizing your thoughts for free.

v1.12 Released

Last month was the first anniversary of Purelist. Development didn't always go as smoothly as we'd hoped, but with everyone's voices, we made it Purelist so far. Thank you!
Well, we are very happy to release the reminder feature that many of you have been hoping for. You will be able to set reminders for all your items, and see reminders only in date order.
Reminders require a subscription, and there is a 2 weeks free period to try it out if you are interested. You can also use all the previous features for free; there is no limit to iCloud or list creation.
From this update, we will only support iOS 15. There are two reasons : iOS 15 is more stable, and the increased features make it more difficult to support multiple iOS versions. If you are using iOS 14, you can continue to use Purelist as before. For the latest version, please update to iOS 15.

v1.11 Released

In this update, you can now send lists to other apps or export all lists. This feature is useful for those who want to create backups or use them in other editors.
Also, Occasionally, a review request will appear. We hope to bring Purelist to more users by increasing the App Store rating. If you'd like to help, just rate Purelist.

v1.10 Released

Finally added the widget. It's very simple, so even if you don't usually use widgets, give it a try. You''ll love it.

v1.9 Released

It took me a long time to try out the UI many times. But We think We came up with something good, and We hope it's useful for you!
The most important new feature is Stars. You can use if you feel it is important, urgent, or your favorite. Starred items are easily searchable, and lists containing stars are easier to find.
You can change the left swipe to star in the settings, so if you use it often, try it.
There are various other minor changes, but you'll understand how to use it before we finished explaining it to you.
See you later!

v1.8 Released

Purelist is being developed and improved based on your feedback.
If you have any concerns, please contact us anytime!

v1.7 Released

With this update, it's easier to organize your items!

Important Notice

We have found that archives may not sync properly between different versions.
If the archives are different on multiple devices, you can restore the sync by bringing the app up to date on all devices and then re-archiving.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Contact : momoko.kuratani@purelist.com

v1.6 Released

Hello, everybody!
This update looks almost the same, but we have added some major features.
With archiving, you can now save your important data for a long time.

v1.5 Released

Thank you so much for using Purelist!
This update includes bug fixes and improvements.

v1.4 Released

We are happy to finally release iCloud sync.
Sorry for the delay, we said we would release it early.
Development was difficult due to technical decisions to balance performance and privacy protection.
Many times I wondered if I should re-select an easier technology, but in the end I decided to keep the choice for performance and privacy protection.
Thank you for using Purelist in the absence of updates.
We hope that you will find Purelist comfortable to use.

Update Privacy policy

With the implementation of iCloud sync, some privacy policies have changed.

Click here for Privacy policy

v1.3 Released

v1.2 Released

Bluetooth keyboard shortcuts

Tab: Increase indent
Shift + Tab: Decrease indent
Return: New line
Escape: Done

v1.1 Released